Working with Skylark Vets

Would you like to join our team? Read on for some information about how we work, and whether a position with us is what you – and we – are looking for.

Our values


Here at Skylark Vets, we triumph in our close-knit team and encourage a culture centred around our values. Our team is the most important thing: without a team, we have nothing. We foster accountability and leadership through independence and autonomy, both personally and clinically. Our team members are encouraged to develop personally and professionally, and we support this process with every step.


We pride ourselves on treating our highly-valued clients’ pets the same way that we would treat our own pets and family members. Both our clients and our patients are frequently stressed and afraid – we work to negate the stressors, where possible. Compassionate practice cannot be over-valued!


The most important part of veterinary practice is communication: without this, we don’t have an audience (or any clients). Communication is only ever on the part of the receiver. We can say whatever we like, but unless we talk in a way that the receiver understands, we may as well go home!

With that in mind, our focus is on effective communication, in all its forms, and to all manner of people. We value all of our clients and view them as friends and neighbours. We endeavour to communicate in whichever way we can to make things easy to understand.

This also holds true for our team. We are all different people, with different nuances and different priorities. Understanding – and accepting – that someone else’s point of view may be different to our own is the first step towards growth and empowerment.


Whether as team members, or in a professional client : vet relationship, we all need to trust each other.

Honesty and integrity are at the heart of our practice. We will never lie to our clients, nor avoid difficult conversations – even when they are very challenging to have! All news is delivered to our clients with compassion and empathy. We take time to explain things – if that can’t be at the time, then on another occasion agreed with our clients.

Our team members can talk to one another to solve problems quickly and without fuss. Everyone experiences fear and anxiety at times. We therefore operate an ‘open door’ policy to facilitate conversations and peace of mind within our team. It can be scary to confide in one another, but when we do, it is both liberating and exhilarating! A problem shared really can be a problem halved – or even solved. We support each other every step of the way, but we can only do this by having team confidence and unity.

Still reading?

If you agree with the above statements and are still reading and interested, we may be looking for you!

We have high standards and endeavour to do our best for our patients, clients and for ourselves. We are a supportive team and have a family feeling at work.

Are you are looking for an honest team of caring, supportive, lovely people? Are you prepared to work hard within this supportive network to provide excellent patient care? Please get in touch!

We are always looking for new team members. Even if we do not have an immediate position available, we are open to either creating one or keeping your details for future opportunities.

Our setting

We have a lovely, tranquil, rural practice, and are strongly in-favour of part-time working where wanted. Split working between the Edenbridge clinic and mobile service means the vets and nurses do get to see the world outside – a rare opportunity!

We strongly disagree with the ‘standard’ model in veterinary practice, and are trying to change the face of the profession. This is sometimes challenging, but by pulling together, we can achieve great things! We aim to provide emotional and mental support for our staff, and sensible working hours. This is not always achievable – and we all understand the reasons for this – but we can strive to change, where possible.

Send your CV!

Please submit curriculum vitae to, or contact us to enquire about our current positions.