Pet Travel FAQs


What happens if my pet’s microchip will not scan?

If a microchip does not register when scanned, the pet must have a replacement microchip implanted. This should be implanted before rabies vaccination can be performed.

What happens if I already have a passport and am abroad if the rules change?

As yet, we do not know the answer to this question! If possible, try to avoid taking your pet abroad during the transition after Brexit (March-April). Where this is not possible, please keep abreast of any changes by checking the government website.

What happens if I have a holiday booked just after Brexit?

There are currently no indications regarding whether Britain will remain a listed country or be transferred to third country status. The government is planning for the worst case scenario, in which we would become a third country. If this happens, pet passports will not be valid from the day after Brexit! Pets will require an Export Health Certificate (EHC) to travel to another country – including those in Europe. An EHC can take a few weeks to procure. If it’s possible to delay travel until after the Brexit decision has been made, do! However, your pet will also require a rabies antibody titre in this scenario.

If your pet has a valid passport and you wish to travel to Europe or other countries currently accepting Pet Passports between February-May 2019, we strongly recommend a rabies antibody titre test is performed by November 2018. If we are a third country, your pet will not be able to travel for 90 days from the date of the blood test confirming suitable rabies immunity. Please note that this may not be the first blood test – your pet may require additional vaccines, and this should be factored in. If your pet requires another vaccine (if the antibody levels are too low), the second blood test cannot be performed until 30 days after vaccination. This would then entail a further 90 day wait, so wait-to-travel times can quickly mount up!

What happens if I want to get a new passport for my pet before Brexit?

You are still entitled to apply for a pet passport whilst we are a listed European Member State. However, we would advise all of our clients to wait to apply for a passport. More information will be available once the result of Brexit has been announced. If you apply for a passport and are given one, there is no guarantee that it will be valid after March 2019.

What happens if I want to get a passport for my pet but do not mean to use it until some time later in 2019 at the earliest?

We would strongly advise not getting a pet passport until a decision has been reached about whether the UK will remain a listed country. Check the travel requirements on the government website after 29th March 2019 for new advice regarding passports and restrictions.