Fitness to Travel

Fitness to Travel Documents

Many countries will require a document from a vet stating that the pet being transported has been examined by a vet and has been deemed ‘fit to travel’. The examination classically takes place within 24-48 hours of intended travel, but the actual required time period will vary depending on the species being moved, the journey time and the destination country. Please remember to check all documentation carefully and book an appointment in plenty of time. Pets travelling under a Pet Passport do not usually need a fitness to travel examination, but do need to have up-to-date vaccinations for both routine vaccines and rabies, as well as evidence of treatment with suitable parasite treatments at the appropriate time. Please refer to the Pet Passports section for more information about this. If travelling to a third country on an Export Health Certificate, the final appointment will usually include an examination. This, combined with the Export Health Certificate itself, acts as a valid transport document for the animal travelling.