Travelling with your pet abroad

These pages are designed to answer some queries you may have about travelling with your pet. It can be stressful to arrange a trip abroad, so we will try to help wherever we can! To ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible with your trip, please read this page and contact the relevant authorities where required. Remember that you (the owner) bear the responsibility of making sure that the travel requirements have been met! Please take the time to read all documents thoroughly! Double check requirements for both the destination country and for re-entry to the UK well in advance of your travel date.

The advent of pet passports has made movements of dogs, cats and ferrets to and from the UK easy – even for short breaks.  However, a word of caution: things could change in 2019! Please see our section on Brexit for up-dates to rules and for new advice!

Other species such as rabbits and birds cannot travel on a pet passport and require different travel certification. This can take time to arrange so please contact us with queries at the earliest opportunity.

If you wish to transport an animal to another country that is not your pet, please contact us for advice. Requirements vary depending on the type of animal being transported, the country of destination, and the purpose of travel (e.g. a holiday, a show, re-homing, sale of an animal). It is worth checking the Animal & Plant Health Agency (APHA) website or government website and contacting APHA, Carlisle where appropriate.

Information on these pages:

Pet passports
Fitness to travel documents
Export health certificates
Import certificates

Further Information

Further information relating to all pet travel, as well as the latest up-dates relating to legislative changes resulting from Brexit, can be found on the government website or from APHA Carlisle.

Please remember that ultimate responsibility rests with you. If you have any concerns about travelling with your pet, please contact us or contact APHA Carlisle at the earliest opportunity!