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Up-date on our Team

Our team continues to grow and change as time moves on – we are always interested in hearing from you, if you are considering work in a veterinary practice.

Charlotte is our full-time vet, and it is likely to be her that you see. Her main interests are in avian and herpetological (reptile) medicine and surgery, although she is very happy to see all hairy beasts, too!

We currently also have veterinary surgeon Kostas working with us for a few days each week in December. Kostas has a strong interest in internal medicine and is studying for a certificate in endosurgery. He primarily sees companion animals.

Our nursing team is made of several part-time ladies, all contributing heir time, skills and love for your pets where they can. Heather has been with us for several years, whilst Nicki and Rebecca are newer team members. Sally is our most recent addition – she is with us for 1 day a week until January.

We are eagerly awaiting our new full-time nurse, Grace, who will be joining us at Christmas time. She is literally travelling across half the world to be with us, and we hope she settles in quickly and happily.

Skylark Vets @ Edenbridge

We are fully installed in Skinners Lane, Edenbridge, and are ready to welcome you to our new home!

Our mobile service will continue alongside the static clinic: we are expanding, not changing.  We continue to search for another vet to expand our team and allow us to split responsibilities between us. However, in the meantime, Charlotte will be running both sites. Consultation times in both the mobile and the static clinic will therefore be slightly limited. We are aiming to provide a full-time service in both clinics as soon as possible.

Customers of Edenbridge Veterinary Clinic

Edenbridge Veterinary Clinic closed at the end of October 2020, when Sue retired and moved away. Skylark Vets moved into the same building in December, and opened in January 2021. We are a completely different vets and as such, unfortunately we do not have access to previous medical records.

We are very happy to see your pets, but may be unable to source your pet’s notes, unless they were passed on early in 2021. Please rest assured that we do not need these records to look after your pets in the future. If you have a vaccination certificate, please bring it with you so that we can up-date our records. At your first appointment, please make the vet aware of any serious illnesses or conditions your pet has suffered previously.

Registering with us

We are very happy to provide our services to previous customers of Edenbridge Veterinary Clinic.  Please do just contact us or pop over to register your pets with us! Please remember to be vigilant when it comes to COVID.

If you wish to register for our mobile service, we would be happy to assist in this manner as well. We do require private parking – this must be on private property and off of council-owned roads or land.  We are unable to provide a mobile service unless this condition is met because of legal and insurance restrictions.

Medications and Postal Delays

We are happy to send many medications to your home using Royal Mail. Please note that there are still delays in the postal system, so there may be a delay in medications reaching you. We kindly request at least 1 week’s notice if you need more medication for your pet. This should allow us to order in medications and then get them sent out to you.

However, we are unable to send Controlled Drugs such as tramadol, gabapentin and diazepam. These are now prohibited by post, so we ask you to collect these in person.

We can provide a written prescription if you are unable to come to Edenbridge – there is a fee for this service. Prescriptions will be sent directly to the pharmacy of your choice for redemption and may not be used more than once.

Alternatively, you may send someone in your stead. We do require details of the person collecting to be sent in advance, and for them to bring identification. These rules are only for the collection of Controlled Drugs – we do not require advance notice for standard medicines. We will ask the person collecting medication for your surname and the first line of your address, so please ensure they know them!