Meet the Staff

Meet the staff at Skylark Vets and find out a little more about them!  Our team is made up of Charlotte, the vet, and Heather, the nurse.

About Charlotte

Charlotte qualified as a vet from the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Science, Edinburgh. Prior to this, she completed an honours degree in Physiology with Biochemistry at Southampton University. The veterinary profession is her second career, and she feels confident that this is the final path to walk – particularly since she has started Skylark Vets!

Charlotte grew up in the countryside, surrounded by woodlands, fields and haystacks! She has always harboured a passion for both animals – whatever their shape or size – and the great British outdoors. She particularly loves hill walking, but is amenable to many outdoor pursuits! Over the years, Charlotte’s many companions have varied from dogs to birds, to guinea-pigs and rabbits. She was frequently involved for caring for school pets. These tended to be of the more unusual variety, including orphaned hedgehogs that were subsequently re-released!

British wildlife close is close to Charlotte’s heart, and she is keen to help to preserve the natural world wherever possible. She is a firm believer that wild animals should remain wild!

Although very fond of dogs and cats, Charlotte holds a special veterinary interest in birds, reptiles and small mammals. At home, she can usually be found with her two ‘ginger ninjas’ – two very bouncy Hungarian Vizslas! Her flock of very noisy-but-colourful, cheeky Love Birds keep her on her toes at every turn! Her two tortoises have chosen to relocate to her parent’s house. The tortoises much prefer to live in the countryside, where fresh food can be found at every step! When not out walking with her dogs, Charlotte is usually singing with one of the three choirs she is a member of, baking at home, or reading a book.

About Heather

Heather qualified as a veterinary nurse in 2012. She has worked in many areas of nursing from critical care and general nursing, through to the prestigious position of Head Nurse. She is a kind and compassionate person, deriving great satisfaction from the careful nurturing of sick patients back to health.

Heather is very fond of horses, having come from a rural up-bringing. She loves to go out riding whenever the opportunity presents itself! However, her love of production animals doesn’t stop there: before becoming a veterinary nurse, she worked as a cow girl! Heather is a keen baker, producing a wide range of delicious cakes, which go wonderfully with a cup of tea. She loves gardening, grows her own vegetables at home and takes a great interest in the countryside. British wildlife is also important to her, and she is keen to preserve the natural world where possible.

Heather loves to travel, and worked in the Cook Islands before heading back to the more temperate climbs of the UK. Holiday destinations are now the limit of those sunny places! Heather is happily married, but also has a loopy lurcher and an entertaining tortoise at home to keep her company.