Loyalty Health Schemes

Why not sign up to one of our Healthy Pet Packages to take the sting out of routine veterinary care? Our packages are an easy, reliable way to spread the cost of your pet’s routine treatments over a year. A direct debit will be taken from your account each month, allowing you peace of mind and freedom of cash flow. Our packages come with discounts on your companion’s routine requirements, as well as further discounts on other products and services. Please note that our health schemes are not insurance policies and, therefore, do not cover you pet in cases of emergency. Additional veterinary appointments are also outside the scope of the health schemes.

Our Packages

We offer two different types of packages for our health schemes. Our Healthy Pet packages cover your pet’s basic care – things like vaccination, parasite treatments and six-monthly health checks. An annual blood test and urine test for your pet is also included where appropriate, to ensure everything is running smoothly.

To maximise the benefits for your pet, up-grade to our Premium packages. These include all the benefits of the Healthy Pet packages, but add in essential dental care every year. These packages are available for mammals and reptiles alike, big or small.

Whether your pet has fur, feathers or scales, we have an appropriate package for you. In addition, all of our health scheme packages come with a loyalty card. Simply collect stamps at each appointment to earn your pet a freebie as a ‘thank you’ from us!

How to sign up

To see our Healthy Pet and Premium Pet prices, click here. If you have a multi-pet household, you can benefit from our multi-pet discount as well. There really is no downside! So, if you like the idea of spreading veterinary care costs out and want to give your pet the best start, contact us and we’ll get you signed up.

Please note that our package prices apply within our usual visiting areas. If you live outside of these areas, additional top-up fees for visits may be applicable for each visit. These will not cost you any more than a visit usually would, and our health scheme discount will still be applied.