Lost and found



Lost Pets

Losing a pet can be a very traumatic time for an owner. Please contact us if you have lost a pet and we will do our best to help by posting on our website and social media pages. If your pet is micro-chipped, it is a good idea to call your micro-chip company to ensure that your details are up to date and report your missing pet.

Please keep an eye out for any missing pets posted below!

Lyra – 02/10/2018

Lyra the Pionus has gone missing from her aviary in Bexley, Kent. Her owners are desperate to get her home – please share! She is very friendly but may be scared. If you think you may have seen her, please call us on 07443 929 395 and we will put her owner in touch with you. Thank you so much!


Found pets

If you have found a pet, please call us on 07443 929 395 so that we can arrange to scan the animal for a micro-chip. Many people do not realised that even very small or unusual animals can be micro-chipped – so whether you have found a tortoise or a dog, it is always worth checking this first! Depending on what kind of animal you have found and whether or not it is injured, we will be able to advise you on the next step for helping re-unite the pet. Please note we currently do not have the facilities to hospitalise or board any animals, so you may be referred to a third party such as a dog warden or rescue centre.


Cats are often mistaken for being ‘lost’ when they are actually simply exploring their neighbourhood! If you have noticed a cat hanging around, it is worthwhile knocking on some of your neighbours doors to see if s/he belongs to anyone locally. Please resist the temptation to feed the cat- this will reduce their need to make their way home, and some cats may be on a prescription diet. If the cat appears to be injured, please call us on 07443 929 395.