Reducing stress around fireworks

Are you and your pet fretting for fear of fireworks?

Guy Fawks, fireworks or bonfire night, is widely anticipated as an evening of festivities across the UK. However, spare a thought for your pet (and for the wildlife), for whom this can be an extremely challenging night.  Unfortunately, fireworks are no longer a one-night-wonder! We frequently have an entire week of displays as well as sporadic outbreaks around the times of Halowe’en, Christmas and New Year.  It is no wonder that some of our pets become extremely distressed!


What can be done to help our pets?

We have put together some advice for owners of nervous pets at the following link: fireworks

Please remember that if your pet might benefit from a calming influence such as a pheromone diffuser or Zylkene capsules, these will need to be introduced several weeks before the anticipated events! Please contact us if you wish to discuss any of these options or for further advice.

It can be tempting to wrap our very nervous pets in a blanket and cuddle them when they are afraid. However, we may enhance their fear this way by projecting our anxiety onto them. It is often better – but much harder – to try to distract them. Your pet will not make a miraculous recovery from their fear at the time! Over time, we hope to ameliorate and reduce their fear to a manageable level – both for you and your pet.