Health Plan Inclusions – Scaly Sidekicks/Reptiles (excluding chelonia)

What’s included?

Scaly Sidekicks Standard Healthy Pet Package

  • Three consultations (to include mid-year general health check in addition to pre- and post- brumation health checks)
  • One urine test*
  • One blood test*
  • Parasite treatment for the year delivered straight to your door!

Lizard/Snake Tender Paws Package:

  • Scaly Sidekicks Standard Healthy Pets Package
  • Neutering
  • Microchip

Premium Healthy Pet Package:

  • Scaly Sidekicks/Reptiles Standard Healthy Pets Package
  • Scale and polish dental procedure under general anaesthetic. (Additional dentistry work will be charged if required).

Parasite Treatments – delivered straight to your door!

  • Stronghold – applied every 3 months

*Urine and blood test carried out in house.

**Reptiles weighing less than 100g should join the Perfectly Petite Package and will not have a blood test