Covid-19 Up-dates

COVID up-date

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone for being so patient, and for following our COVID precautions. We know it has been a very stressful time for everyone and even more so when our pets fall ill – we really appreciate that certain restrictions such as not being able to be with your pets during examinations can add to your worries. We would like to reassure you that every pet seen at our clinic and on our van is treated with as much love and respect as we treat our own.

With that said, we are still currently working under COVID restrictions until further notice.

We ask that you please continue to wait outside the clinic whilst we examine your pet (or in your home whilst we’re examining your pet on the van during home visits) and that those who are able to wear a face covering continue to do so when interacting with our staff. This is to protect our staff as well as other vulnerable pet owners that we might see. We are constantly reviewing our protocols and hope to lift these restrictions when appropriate, but due to the nature of having such a small team we really need to protect ourselves as much as possible so that we can continue to offer our services.

Please let
us know if you have COVID symptoms or if you are self-isolating. We have systems
in place such as virtual appointments so there is no need to delay veterinary
care if needed.

If you have
any questions on our policies, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,

Everyone at
Skylark Vets

Guidelines for our mobile service (van)

We will always make an assessment when we talk to you on the phone about whether your pet should be seen in person or via video link. If the latter, please rest assured that we can treat many conditions effectively this way. If your pet is deemed to require a physical consultation, please attend within 3 working days to avoid another consultation fee.

When carrying out home visits, we ask that your pet is appropriately restrained (dogs on a lead, cats and small animals in baskets) and brought out to our van where we can examine him/her. Any discussion regarding your pets care can be carried out over the phone or outside in the fresh air whilst maintaining a 2 meter distance. In exceptional circumstances, we may be able to come into your property, but this time should be kept as short as possible and a 2 meter distance must be maintained from our staff at all times. We also kindly ask that you wear a face covering if you are able to do so.

Guidelines for our static clinic

To keep everyone as safe as possible, we ask you to remain outside. Masks should be worn at all times, and please try to maintain 2m distance, where feasible. Please do not enter the clinic at all, where possible, and for limited times if impossible. We understand that this may be worrying for you, and will do our best to allay any fears you have. Please be assured that regardless of whether your pet is on our van or in our building without you, we will treat it with the care and respect that all our family members deserve.

We are likely to call you on the telephone prior to your appointment to discuss your concerns about your pet. Please therefore be prepared to be available for 5-10 minutes earlier in the day. In this way, we can simply look at your pet when you arrive. This minimises the time that you are apart, the stress experienced, and the time that you are in the cold!