About Skylark Vets


Skylark Vets: why choose us?

Charlotte and her team are your friendly, compassionate staff at Skylark Vets, based in Kent. We love working with a wide variety of species, be they feathered, scaly or hairy! We have a static clinic based in Edenbridge as well mobile veterinary clinic equipped with both diagnostic and surgical facilities. This enables us to provide premium care at your house.

Does your pet feel stressed, anxious or fearful about going to see the vet? Do you find it difficult to round up your pet ready for the trip, or to find the time to get to the veterinary clinic? Does your pet suffer with car sickness? Do you find it difficult to get to your vets? If the answer to these questions is ‘yes’, Skylark Vets may be able to help you!

About our Mobile Service


Making a journey to the vets can often be quite an ordeal for a bird, reptile or rabbit. Often these species are very sick by the time they show any signs of feeling unwell to you. It can be unnerving as a caring owner to have to put your already sick pet through more stress by bringing them to your vet. Unfortunately this is often a necessary evil, but with Skylark Vets, your pets can rest safely and fearlessly at home whilst we come to them.

Sometimes it can be difficult to persuade your cat to remain inside, let alone tempt them into a cat carrier or basket! Skylark Vets understand this predicament – we visit you so that your pet doesn’t have to worry about a car journey.

Does your pet dog become nervous when away from home? Many dogs are more relaxed in their home environment, so a home visit would be ideal for them.

Perhaps you are unable to travel to the vets easily, lack a means of pet transport, or find it difficult to move around easily yourself. These are problems that are readily overcome when considering calling Skylark Vets out to your home!

Species we will see

We cater for most exotic species in the domestic setting, as well as truly domesticated pets such as dogs and cats. We are small mammal friendly! Whether your family member is a rabbit, guinea-pig, gerbil, hedgehog, or ferret, we would love to see it! We are also keen to see reptiles, amphibians and birds, and are happy to treat your pets by the flock if necessary! Charlotte has a particular interest in avian medicine and surgery but is also keen to see the many other species for whom it can be challenging to find a willing vet to treat them!  If you have an unusual pet or are struggling to find a vet, contact us to ask whether we can help.

Value for money

Many vets will charge high rates for a home visit because it takes time out of their already busy day and diverts their care away from the patients in the practice. We are able to offer affordable home visits for a moderate fee because that is all we do! Your pet will be treated in the comfort of your home. If diagnostic tests are required, these can be done within our veterinary van, parked on your driveway, so your pet never has to leave its territory! We cover a variety of locations in Kent, so please check our map to find out whether we could come to you. If you live in another area within a reasonable distance of our map, please just give us a call – we may still be able to help!

Our criteria

We offer our mobile veterinary service to areas in and around Sevenoaks, as well as parts of Tonbridge, Orpington, Chislehurst and Petts Wood.
We visit many of the smaller villages including: Knockholt, Cudham, Chevening, Chipstead, Pratt’s Bottom, Badgers Mount, Halstead, Chelsfield, Otford, Downe, Ide Hill, Penshurst and Sundridge. Please see our map on the ‘Contact us’ page for further details – if you are just outside of our area, please feel free to give us a call in case we are near you during our travels!

There are some limitations to our work because of its very nature. We are only able to call on those individuals or households that have private off-road parking because we cannot get permission from each Local Council to work in every road! Therefore, we can only operate on private property. Please keep your pet confined before our arrival – there is nothing more frustrating for you (or for us) than paying for a visit but having no treatment because your pet does not wish to have an appointment! Please:-

  • keep dogs in the house with a lead handy
  • restrict cats to one room from which they can be easily picked up
  • keep birds within their cages.
  • allow small mammals to remain within their cages, ideally with only one companion
  • keep reptiles in an easily-accessible location.

Our services

We aim to keep all of your pets at home, surrounded by their family, for as long as possible. We can provide the following at your home:-

  • routine care such as health checks and vaccinations
  • routine nail and beak trims
  • site visits to help to improve your pet’s environment
  • pet passports, health checks for travel and export certification
  • fluid therapy
  • medications
  • bandage changes
  • diagnostic procedures such as x-ray, ultrasound and blood tests
  • we can even perform surgical procedures!

Unfortunately, if your pet is very ill and requires hospitalisation, a referral to another practice may be suggested: we are unable to hospitalise patients because of the ‘life on the road’ approach that we have.

Routine and emergency visits

We are able to come to your house 4 days a week, morning or afternoon. Why not check our opening hours for more information? You can get in touch via telephone, text or e-mail – please see our ‘contact us‘ page.  However, if you have an emergency outside of our normal practice hours, fear not! We provide our own out-of-hours emergency service! We also have an out-of-hours provider in Kent for if we are unable to get to you. Please note that our van has to re-charge overnight, so in the case of an emergency, we may request to plug in to your mains electricity supply if needed. If using our alternative emergency arrangements, please note that you will be required to transport your pet to the hospital.

Palliative care and home visit euthanasia services

We understand that saying goodbye is the most difficult part of pet ownership, so we are here to support you through every step.
We offer dignified, gentle end-of-life care to patients battling terminal illnesses, allowing them to have the best quality of life possible. Sadly, there will come a time in any terminal illness where the patient no longer enjoys a good quality of life. Making the decision to have your beloved pet put to sleep is never easy! We aim to provide support for all pet owners going through this heart-wrenching process. When the time does come to say goodbye, we offer a home visit euthanasia service. This allows your pet to stay in the peaceful surroundings of its own home, surrounded by its own family. We are also able to advise on cremation options so that your pet’s ashes can be returned to you if you wish.

About our Clinic

Our long-awaited static clinic is based in Edenbridge, Kent and opened in January 2021. We expanded our team to welcome nurse Rebecca and receptionist Dawn who helps keep our day organised as whilst we balance running the mobile service alongside the clinic. Having a static clinic increases our availability to pet owners who are happy to bring their pets to us, as well as providing a convenient base for collecting medications and food. It also allows us the opportunity to keep animals with us for the day if they need any extra monitoring or therapy such as fluid therapy.

We hope to further expand our team and therefore the services we can offer over the coming months. We are currently very busy due to a nationwide shortage of vets as well as an increase in pet ownership – so please continue to bear with us!